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Owl focuses on one thing – Cybersecurity

Owl focuses on cybersecurity for networks using a patented technology called data diodes. While data diodes are a proven and widely deployed technology, they are still new to many people.

The concept of a data diode is simple: specifically designed hardware circuitry within which it is only possible for data to flow in one direction.  No backdoors, no software bugs or vulnerabilities, no malware, no impact from changing permissions or authorization; quite simply, unlike a firewall or other device vulnerable to software changes or manipulation, there is no way to change the behavior or operation of a data diode.



Areas of Specialty

Data/FIle Transfer

Today Owl is installed in over 2000 sites, enabling the secure transfer of information across network security domains.  Owl’s file transfer solutions provide our customers with a highly reliable one way transfer of data sets (files) across security boundaries.  Owl’s solutions can transfer any file type without file size restriction and can automatically transfer entire directory structures, recreating the directory structure on the destination network and transferring the contents into it.

Remote Monitoring

Remote monitoring of systems used to support IT and Industrial Control applications provides an operationally efficient, cost effective means to ensure business continuity.  Unfortunately, the same data communication infrastructure used to support remote monitoring also makes the infrastructure vulnerable to hackers.  For over 10 years Owl’s Perimeter Defense Solutions (OPDS & EPDS) have supported the secure transfer of Syslog messages, proprietary system log files, SNMP Messages and system Alarms and Events data out of the network to end-users while enforcing a network security perimeter which isolates critical systems from outsider threats and cyber-attacks.

Data Streaming

While many of our 2000+ deployments are moving data as discrete files, many others are moving data as packet streams.  From massive network wide deployments where we process all of the network traffic and pass raw Ethernet packets at a full 10Gbps line rate to smaller deployments where we process a single UDP video stream, a number of hardware and software combinations are available.

Process COntrol interfaces

The automation of factories, power plants, distribution centers and other production facilities rely on Distributed Control Systems (DCS) and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems to support process control activities 24x7. Information gathered by DCS and SCADA systems needs to be securely transferred between the plant and the business networks without jeopardizing the security, safety and reliability of the plant. Over the last 12 years Owl has worked with suppliers and customers to develop a set of cybersecurity products that protect networks and support a wide range of data applications and interfaces used in plants. These products are currently protecting hundreds of customer sites globally.

DataBase Replication

Oracle, MS SQL, Informix, and other relational database are deployed to support the business operations of companies in nearly every industry and are used in a wide range of mission critical applications. Cyber-attacks target databases to gain access to confidential data or alter process information to harm business operations. In response, Owl has developed the Secure Database Transfer Service (SDTS).

Configuration Management & Accreditation

Owl offers a comprehensive set of professional services to assist our customers throughout their life-cycle with us. During pre-sales activities, we have sales engineers that work with potential customers to define their needs and help specify the appropriate configurations, throughput, interfaces and form factors to meet those needs.  At the deployment stage we provide installation and training services to ensure the system is running and the users know how to operate it. If the installation requires government Certification or Accreditation, Owl has extensive experience, knowledge and expertise in getting solutions through the evaluation process and receiving an ATO (Authorization to Operate). 


A piece of hardware that physically enforces a one-way flow of data. Most people think of data communications as requiring a two-way path, but most data can be transferred and shared over a one-way path. As one-way data transfer systems, data diodes are used as cybersecurity tools to isolate and protect networks from external cyber threats and prevent penetration from any external sources.
— what is a data diode?


From Simple to State of the Art




14 Reasons Why You Should Choose Owl Over a Competitor.


The Owl Solution

From that first product, using an original patent developed by Sandia National Labs, Owl has gone on to develop an additional 27 patents (with 12 more pending) and create two product lines that serve both government networks and commercial/industrial networks.

The OPDS product line offers a range of products that are designed for commercial networks and industrial networks, all part of the 16 sectors identified by the government as critical infrastructure.
The OCDS product line provides a variety of accredited and verified capabilities for government agencies, Defense and Intelligence, including UCDSMO baseline products.

Owl Technology

Data diodes are hardware based, bound by the laws of physics and not susceptible to zero day vulnerabilities or any other hacks. These solutions are data and network agnostic, have been deployed across a range of industries and are recommended by the Department of Homeland Security

Being data agnostic we can move files, streaming video, TCP/IP, UDP, database records, historians, sensor data, high-res images, system backups, personnel records and many other types of data; along with industrial protocols like Modbus and OPC.  And our network independence lets us work on unclassified, secret and top secret networks for government solutions and IT and OT (Operations Technology) networks for our commercial and industrial customers.

We offer all-in-one solutions with a standard 19” 1U rackmount form factor and a DIN rail form factor for industrial environments.  We also offer server based solutions that utilize off-the-shelf servers populated with our data diode cards.

Designed to be scalable, new software licenses and modules allow end-users to increase bandwidth, add-on new interfaces, and support new protocols.


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