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After months of planning, we are thrilled to launch our new blog! Here you’ll find the hottest cybersecurity tech trends, latest industry news and helpful tips and tricks in mitigating cyber threats. As we continue to learn more about what our readers are interested in, we will work hard to create valuable content to help cyber security professionals with product innovations, news and insights on laws and regulations in #InfoSec.

We wanted a new way to collaborate and communicate with our community, share multimedia such as videos, use cases and other helpful resources. Visit often we have lots to share!

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One-Way Data Flow, Secured by Design

March 30, 2018

We thought long and hard on what to write about for our first blog post. It’s a special milestone! But it was inevitable that we address the current news headlines around cyber-attacks, the risks and the strategies to fight these threats. The New York Times recently published an article announcing the Russia hacking of utilities and critical infrastructure. Though some infiltration did occur, this was solely and specifically on the network side, operations were untouched. This is thanks to a hardware-enforced security technology called a data diode.

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