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Owl has consistently led the cybersecurity industry in data diode technology, with the fastest, most advanced, smallest, lightest, and most capable devices in the world.

Proven, scalable, and secure, our one-way data transfer solutions provide absolute information assurance, network confidentiality, and data availability, without requiring costly upgrades, reconfiguration or modifications to existing systems, software, or applications.


The Definitive Guide to Data Diode Technologies eBook

From Simple to State of the Art

Advancing Automation Cybersecurity Insights eBook

Owl's detailed guide on how to secure your organization when you can’t patch


Advancing Automation Cybersecurity Insights eBook

Implementing DHS best practices to secure industrial control systems

Owl is the leader in data diode cybersecurity products, including Cross Domain Solutions (CDS) & Network Security Solutions.
— Mike Timan, CEO