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Owl Cyber Defense Webinar for New OPDS-Talon Core Software


Owl Cyber Defense Webinar for New OPDS-Talon Core Software 

Owl Cyber Defense, one of the leading data diode suppliers for secure unidirectional communications, released the latest version of its recently productized core software platform. Version of OPDS, otherwise known as OPDS-Talon, was released on December 19th for use on both the OPDS and EPDS data diode products lines from Owl. The OPDS software platform performs key management functions for the data diode devices and provides policy enforcement, network interaction, and control data flow.

Based on hardened Linux operating system, OPDS-Talon follows Center for Internet Security (CIS) benchmarks. Designed with a defense-in-depth strategy, OPDS hardware and Talon software operate together in a layered approach. New features include a user-focused menu system, enhanced role-based access controls, and improved network diagnostic tools. The new menu design simplifies and accelerates navigation and administration, and the new network diagnostic tools make it easier to update and view current software versions.