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Owl has consistently led the cybersecurity industry in data diode technology, with the fastest, most advanced, smallest, lightest, and most capable devices in the world.
— Sal Morlando, COO


Cybersecurity: Trust No One -- Securing 3rd Party Connections to Industrial Control Systems

Your security is only as strong as the security of the 3rd party suppliers, partners, and service providers that you have trusted to access your industrial control network. Unfortunately, these 3rd parties may have less stringent security policies in place, allowing attackers to use these trusted connections to infiltrate your operational network, and the controls, equipment, and data stores within. Through real life case studies and guidance from the DHS, FBI, and NSA, this webinar will analyze the anatomy of attacks through 3rd party connections and outline the best practices and technologies available to help eliminate this significant attack vector.

What you'll learn: 

  1. How bad actors exploit 3rd party connections to infiltrate control system networks
  2. Guidance from the DHS, FBI, and NSA on protecting industrial control systems
  3. Case studies, specific technologies and best practices to secure 3rd party connections

Protecting Industry in the Age of New Threats: Cybersecurity in the Digital Industrial Enterprise

We teamed up with Smart Industry for a webinar on the security essentials for industrial operations: Protecting Industry in the Age of New Threats. In the webinar, we discussed the evolving vision of an end-to-end security architecture, including various technologies and strategies to protect valuable systems and equipment while allowing digital applications, processes, and data sharing to flourish.

What you'll learn:

  1. How to augment security with layers of defense
  2. How to implement cybersecurity training
  3. Best way to secure the digital industrial enterprise
  4. How to thoroughly vet incoming files & portable media



Video Product Demonstrations

Resetting a OPDS-100D Unit

OPDS-100D Rockwell Automation Data Transfer Demonstration

OPDS-1000 Real-Time One-Way Data Transfer Over a Data Diode Demonstration

OCDS-ST06 Real-Time Streaming Video Transfer Solution Demonstration