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Talking Owl Technology

Owl has consistently led the cybersecurity industry in data diode technology, with the fastest, most advanced, smallest, lightest, and most capable devices in the world.
— Sal Morlando, COO
Anthony Buono, a DoD Salesman for Owl Computing Technologies, speaks at the AUSA Global Symposium about cyber security.

Dennis Lanahan, Meeting the Cybersecurity Standards of ANSI/ISA 62443 with Data Diodes



Video Product Demonstrations

Demonstration | OPDS-100D Rockwell Autiomation Data Transfer
OCDS-ST06 | Real-Time Streaming Video Transfer Solution Demo #1: "Filtering of corrupted video stream" Demo #2: "Filtering corrupted video stream from dual-stream transfer"

Demonstration | OPDS-1000 Real Time One-Way Transfer Over a Data Diode